Tires can be a big expense. It’s amazing the mileage you can get out of a set of tires if you buy quality tires and your vehicle has good wheel alignment. You also get better fuel economy. There are lots of things that play a roll in wheel alignment and tire wear. All steering and suspension components need to be free of play, and shock absorbers and struts need to be in good working condition. Alignments can be very technical, but it’s all simple geometry. A trained technician can easily explain what camber, caster, toe in or toe out means. Be cautious of shops that can only do a “toe and go” alignment. They only know how to adjust toe. Toe is if your tires are pointed straight forward, towards each other a bit or pointed away from each other a bit. Camber is huge when it comes to tire wear. Camber is if you tire is standing straight up, or leaning in or out at the top. Caster is easiest explained in person so I’m not even gonna try. Protect your investment and get better fuel economy by visiting a reputable repair shop.

Posted by AcceleratedAuto on February 20, 2016